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Stanford Library Home Page

Google Scholar
- Will link directly to Stanford's Electronic Resources and allows you to access directly to the articles.
- Use "cited by" function (located right under the citation of the article) to find more resources that cite the article you are currently looking at. Great resource to find cards for your topic very easily.

Google Books
- When using Google Books, you can take a screen shot of the book, save the file as a PDF, and then use OCR software/services to convert the text to word format. If you find a good card in a book, go to the library and check the book out. A good strategy is to check 20 pages before and 20 pages after that page.

Google Alerts
- Search function through Google where you can create specified searches which are then sent to your Google Reader.

Policy Experts Search
- Allows you to search for and link to think tanks, organizations and experts specializing in various issue areas (like foreign policy).

Think Tank Directory
- Comprehensive list of domestic and international think tanks compiled by Harvard University. Great resource for in depth analysis of a wide range of issues dealing with the topic and politics.

X-Search(Stanford University)
- Developed through the Libraries’ partnership with Deep Web Technologies, xSearch provides Stanford students and researchers with a single search option for multiple online resources. For the initial launch, 28 article databases and ejournal/ebook platforms were available. xSearch used to include 170 and then was expanded to 200 resources that include a broad array of subject areas and types of materials. New features and resources are implemented first in the Test-Version of xSearch (SUNet ID Required). After testing, changes are moved to the production version of xSearch.

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Free Online OCR Technology

Screen OCR

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