Thursday July 17, 2014

1:15PM-2:30PM: Mini case debates continued
2:30PM-2:45PM: Break
2:45PM-3:30PM: Impact Calculus Lecture
3:30PM-4:00PM: Break
4:00PM-5:00PM: Mini Impact Debates
5:15PM-6:45PM: Dinner
7:00PM-8:00PM: Mini Impact Debates continued
8:00PM-9:00PM: Aff Research

Wednesday July 16, 2014

1:15PM-2:15PM: Introduce starter pack. Talk about the arguments.
2:15PM-2:30PM: Break
2:30PM-3:00PM: Mini Case Debate Lecture
3:00PM-3:30PM: Mini Case Debate Prep
3:30PM-5:00PM: Mini case debates
5:15PM-6:45PM: Dinner
7:00PM-9:00PM: Aff Research Begins

Tuesday July 15, 2014

9:00AM-9:45AM: Finalize Solvency Advocate Presentations
10:00AM-11:30AM: Presentations. They should discuss potential advantages, tricks, and potential negative arguments. Q&A will follow each presentation.
11:45AM-1:00PM: Lunch
1:15PM-3:15PM: Paperless Debating Lecture - Zach Rosenthal - Room 420-041
3:30PM-5:00PM: Finish Presentations
5:15PM-6:45PM: Dinner
7:00PM-9:00PM : Google Doc Setup, Paperless Activities Affirmative Research Introduction, Aff Research Begins
Overnight Activity: Continue to research the affirmative. Make sure to follow guidelines to citing evidence and evidence standards. Please make sure to keep the whole article.

Monday July 14, 2014

3:00pm-4:00pm: Meet the Lab, Icebreakers, and Spirit Animals
4:00pm-5:00pm: Why USFG? Discussion of "ITs" in this years resolution
5:15pm-6:45pm: Dinner Break
7:00pm-7:30pm: Solvency Advocates and their importance
7:30pm-9:00pm: Solvency Advocate Research Groups
Overnight Activity: Continue Research + Prepare Solvency Advocates for Presentations. Your presentation should be a pitch to the class on why your affirmative idea should be the one we research. It should include, at least one solvency advocate, advantage areas + tricks, and potential negative arguments against the affirmative.